Sales and Marketing

One of the most common areas within small to medium size companies that need advice and help is the Sales and Marketing departments.  Companies produce a product or a service that inspires them and they wonder why it doesn’t seem to sell in the expected amounts, or they have a sales force but that sales force never seems to really achieve the desired results. Is it a time to re-evaluate the Sales and marketing strategy?  Are you selling into the right market place?

Let Weald Business Focus help you refocus the sales proposition and maximise profits.

We have the necessary knowledge, skill and experience to assist business owners to build a profitable sales channel that reflects the company's values and aspirations.  

Weald Business Focus can advise, construct and help implement both Sales and Marketing strategies that will bring your product or service to market, this is done in a manner that maximises profit whilst enhancing and building the brand image.

This can include;

  • Evaluation of your current Marketing and Sales activity
  • Creating and planning various campaigns to maximise profitability
  • Evaluation, Coaching and Mentoring your sales force
  • Investigating different markets to gain market share and diversity

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