Raising Finance

Many small businesses, or those looking to market a new product/service or hoping to expand, will often need financial support from an outside source.

The key to raising working capital or attracting an investment is to understand how much money you need, what terms you would like to obtain the finance, and then matching those needs to the available suppliers. Sometimes the traditional resources for finance such as the banks may not be appropriate or available.

Weald Business Focus can provide you with an insight and understanding about the type of investment or working capital your business needs and how to create an attractive business plan.

We have the necessary knowledge, skill and experience to assist business owners to present their business proposition to potential investors and lenders and give themselves the best chance of a successful outcome in achieving the finance they need to move their business forward.

This can include:

  • Development of a written business plan
  • Support to develop financial forecasts
  • Presentation of funding applications to potential investors and lenders

To discuss the specific requirements of your business and how we can take your business forward, please call now on

07921 214353 or Email contact@wealdbusinessfocus.co.uk

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